I always advertise my ECA everywhere

I felt so nice when Tripleclicks approved my ECA some time back. Then came another headache, how do i make sure i get multiple orders from my store?

To me, successful ECA translates to multiple orders. Now this is what i did:

1. Sell variety of products: Having only one product in your ECA shows you aren’t serious with your business. You have to show your customers that you are in touch with the latest trend in your category you are selling. I once began with one product and never got any order. But once i added more and more products, i started getting orders.

2. Competitive pricing: As i added more and more products, i realized that some of other ECAs might have the same product. That shouldn’t worry you, just make sure that your pricing isnt very high compared to them cause if it is, then you will loose out on your sale. A customer wants to see that they are getting the same quality product and at a very discounted price.

3. Daily Updates: You will get many connections once you start doing well and what i like doing is always update my following on business advices, motivational words and offers that might interest them

4. Advertise: I always advertise my ECA everywhere so as to get new customers. Place adverts in Facebook or any paid adverts that will yield to business or new PRM under you.

5. New Connection: Every time i bid in PB Auction, i get new connection which is also a great advertisement for my ECA. Make sure that you also participate in PB auction cause its free advertisement for your ECA

But one thing that i am still looking for is a ”NICHE PRODUCT.” Well, i have told you my secret and if you can come up with a niche product on top of what i have told you up there, you will definitely become a successful ECA.

Best of luck.