Things to be Proud in SFI!

There are several things to be proud of in SFI:

1. It has been around for over a decade therefore it has passed the 90/10 rule of businesses.

2. It is a business where our earnings are determined by how much work I put into it.

3. It is made up of members who are interested in our success not just theirs’ so they help you out irrespective of whether they gain directly from you or not.

4. It is a business where you are trained on how to get along, become a great leader and manage your own part of the business both by the company and others who have been there before you.

5. It is platform where you can make meaningful friendship with people all over the world who share your goals and aspirations and are ready to propel you.

6. It offers you a variety of ways to earn and does not streamline your earning methods which enables you to be creative and innovative.

7. It is a business that helps you note your strengths and weaknesses without burning you out.

8. It is a transparent business with owners who are very accessible and treat you with the respect you deserve even when you make a mistake or are in the wrong.

There are so many other things we are proud of about SFI!