Rules of SFI LEADERS !

The first thing successful leaders do would be to consider SFI as serious business and that we need to invest time and resources as we would do in any other business. Make no mistake SFI is not a one of those frivolous online business where you swing in and swing out.

There are some important things we perhaps must do as leaders to be successful:

1. Set a clear goal. We have TAB in the daily ‘to do’ list. The reason is to have a goal and work towards that. Make sure that these are regulary visited, updated and realistic.

2. Have a growth strategy in place. It could be a marketing, communication, recognition, rewards etc. We need to have a clear strategy for design and execution.

3. Make all your decisions measurable with outcomes. For e.g if you are participating in an auction of 500 T-Credits clearly define thresholds. It does not make sense to win an auction at $15 spending $ 200 to buy T-Credits to win 500 T-credits.

4. Draw budgets as you would do with any other business and stick to it. It may sound silly to talk about budgets in online business. But it makes a lot of sense and budgets provide you direction and how far you would want to go.

5. Manage relationship. Every affiliate is a potential customer. Nurture them. Expand network through A2A. You never know where help can come from. Look for collaboration. A classic example is sharing cost for Co-ops.

6. Maintain rigor in actions. Be it communication, marketing, financials etc maintain a rigor. That would help in running a disciplined business.

7. Share knowledge : Be a part of forums. Contribute, share and learn from forum discussions.

8. Last but not the least always remember that your success depends on how you make your affiliates successful.

All the points mentioned is not only true to SFI business but to every business we aspire to run. All the best and keep rocking!