How do I use my blog to best promote SFI?

Posted by on October 3, 2013 in How To

This is one of the best ways to let your business contacts and friends know about your new hobby/venture. Put the name of your blog in the email signature and link it with the URL of your blog and facebook fanpage. Here is an ideal way to do that.
These 5 promotion tips below are not secret, many people are using them to promote their blogs effectively. However, if you are a new blogger,it will definitely not be new for you . If you can read it and just follow these 5 tips, I believe you will see great result soon.

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Using of Social Media to Promote Your Blog

The first and the foremost easy step to promote your blog online is to utilize Social Media. Promoting your blog on Social Media is a must thing to do, after setting up your blog and even if your blog has been active for a long time. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. and Google+ are the most popular Social Networking sites that every blogger utilizes after creating a new blog.

Some easy tips I can share are:

– Make a Facebook Fanpage for your blog

– Share useful posts on your Facebook

– Twitter and Google+ fanpage,etc. and so are ways you can utilize these Social Media Sites.

Post Quality Content Frequently to Promote Your Blog

For any blog, content which is optimized both for readers and Search Engines is always appreciated and gets the best out of it. However, if you are promoting your blog in several sites with poor content, then your promotion is may be worthless. However, if you want to promote your content frequently, it’s means that you also need to post Frequently. Even Google likes fresh and unique content to chew upon.
Put the URL of your blog in your e-mail signature to Promote Your Blog

Conduct a Giveaway to Promote Your Blog

You don’t need to give expensive gifts and gadgets while conducting a giveaway. What you giveaway may be the services you offer or good at like if you are good at designing you can design something for the winner, give them a special mention on your website, Facebook Fanpage, Tweet about him/her so that the friends of the winner can come to know about your blog.

Get Involved in Group Discussions and Forum Discussions to Promote Your Blog

Get involved in Facebook group discussions that are relevant to your blog’s niche and provide them with the links relevant to their problem and sign up to forums that are relevant to your blog’s topic and put the link of your blog in the signature so that whenever you answer or post a thread in the forum other users might get intrigued to visit your blog.

Takeaway – Promote your Blog Easily

This tip can get you as much traffic as possible but there is one thing that you should keep in mind-you should have solid content to get your blog noticed in the blogosphere. So the first thing that any blogger would advice you is work on content and the traffic will automatically follow all other things been equal.

I know this will help you, just follow all these tips, my guys, to promote your blog. Its so easy!!!

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