Make Money Online: The Difference SFI Makes

Most people are interested in earning money online in the comfort of their homes but lack the patience to thoroughly explore the possibility and the determination to work for success consequently, they quit even before they give it a chance to succeed.

However, there are some internet business opportunities offered by some organisations that create the impression that it is all about extortion, deceit and selfish attitude by such organisations. This impression is exacerbated by the complex nature and pay first attitude of some internet business opportunity programmes because most people who may be interested in the programme are either financially squeezed to afford requested initial investment or they are simply risk averse, waiting to fully understand and earn something first before making any investment decision.

Another important factor is that most organisations offer only a single route to achieving success in internet marketing and the inherent risk associated with this strategy is that prospects who may not be interested in that kind of route have no alternative. Another problem is that lack of diversification tends to increase the risk of failure in internet business; that is the more avenues you have, from which to earn money, the more opportunity for success. This is where SFI is different from many other internet based business opportunities.

In SFI you do not have to invest or spend money to succeed if you choose not to and there are several alternative routes you can take to succeed. However, I will be deceiving you to claim that investment is not necessary at all, but the difference as far as SFI is concerned is that you may choose to work harder without investing and the decision to invest or not to is entirely yours and not a mandatory requirement.

In this organisation, we provide the track that will lead you to success by our superb training materials in all aspects of our business to keep you going. This means lack of knowledge or experience in internet business will not be an obstacle to success in SFI. We offer various routes from which you can make money including:

• Team building where you earn money from the activities of the team
• Sales where you earn a lot of commissions
• E-Commerce Associate and personal referrals where you also earn a lot of commission
• PPA referral programme where you earn a once-off commission based on their activities
• Actions, sales, purchases and referral points that earn you shares (cash)in the executive pool

As you can see, there are various areas and you may decide to select a niche, a combination or all of the above areas to focus on.

In SFI you choose how you want to work and we do not limit your chances of success because the only person who can limit your chances of success is you. Most of the above mentioned areas are carried out by personal advertisement and the nature of it depends on you. Those who want to go the free route choose to place advertisement on free sites and also patronise their warm markets, while those who choose to invest go the paid route. Personally some of my advertisements are on the free sites and they are successful.

SFI is not a get-rich-quick business like other genuine businesses so you have to build it like an office which you open daily in order to attend to the needs of the business and in return, you earn a steadily rising income stream, most of them lasting forever. By forever, I mean even after death, SFI succession plan ensures that beneficiaries can inherit the income stream you have created as a result of your past actions. This means that the fruit of your hard work endures forever.

In SFI everything happens in real time so you will be able to see the status of all your actions as they happen and at the score board, you will see the income you are generating in real time. Apart from your cash commission, there is also a robust compensation plan when you achieve certain heights. There are various methods from which you can choose to be paid; TC Master Card, PayPal and check or you may choose to accumulate it until you request it to be paid using any of the above methods.

Another important aspect of SFI is that as a member, you are allowed to sell your unwanted stuff for free on your personalised page at TripleClicks, the buying and selling division and you can also become an E-Commerce Associate (ECA) if you opt to sell new stuff. The ECA programme is specifically designed for small businesses like yours and you can take advantage of this infrastructure to improve your revenue. You can then imagine how much sales you can generate when your products/services are exposed to about 1.7 million members. Another good thing is that the members will buy your products and also assist you in advertising them to the outside world.

However, in whatever you do in SFI, be ready to learn by taking advantage of the training materials and avail of the wealth of knowledge offered at the forum, Q&A interactive and your team leader. So come join us at SFI and enjoy the wonderful world of internet income opportunity, Aim High and Dream Big! SFI offers the opportunity you have been waiting for as long as internet business opportunity is concerned.